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  • Would ya like to play the shapeshifting companion of a girl in a fantasy world, if ya could?
    • I would love to, but I don’t know if I can, sadly
  • Hiya Trashpuppy Hope you are doing well (I believe we have red together before) I was wondering f you have ever heard of Carmen Sandiego
    • Heya!
      Sadly, I haven’t heard of Carmen Sandeigo
    • That's fair, and *whispers* between you and me neither have i until i watched the tv show on netflix and then found the old 90's version on youtube. I made a thread with information/synopsis regarding the netflix series and a trailer to it too on my thread if you want to check it out .
  • What fandoms do you like?
  • I'm excited for our plot! And would ya like to sorta do a threeway plot with me and Kairo?
    • Yeah it’s going to be great to use my boy again.

      What do you have in mind?
    • Honestly, a 'puppy love' story between a normal girl raised by a supernatural creature and a young shapeshifter boy. With whatever dark themes you want to bring in.
  • hi there XD
    • Heya
    • I'm trying to join the pokemon school rp that your in is anything interesting going on in it??
    • I think it died, honestly. I've been waiting for a response since last Wednesday
    • awwww... I never really find a thread that stays active and when I find a good one they are either dead or they just all together stop responding when I sign up and get in
    • Same, man. I have that issue all the time, which applies my own threads.