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  • Hey doestar thread with Flame?
    • hey i'd love to have one, but please forgive me if i'm slow to reply i've got a lot on my plate right up until summer starts for me on thursday:(( would u be able to make?
    • Of course!
  • Hey um I just wanted to give you some info about Riddle becuase i felt like i didn't explain it well enough.

    Riddle has an over active imagination, so he thought that when all the cats showed up on the border, that they were all playing along. Hence why he was respectful, until he started to play his charcater.

    So he's not really being serious about anything he says or does unless he specifys that he isn't playing. Thus why when he tackled Smokepaw, he made sure not to hurt him. Cos' hes only playing his role.

    And naturally becuase he's insecure he likes to play the antihero or villain due to the power associated with such a role.

    Also his mother recently grew ill with greencough, and knew she was dying and sent Riddle to the border to ask for help. He got distracted and by the time he returned to his mother, she was essentially dead. Thinking all was well, he snuggles up and falls asleep.