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  • But what will Cloudwhisker's kits look like/be named that's the only thing that matters in their entire lives
    • Well, I was hoping we could name one maplekit, if you remember his first failed litter, and then she later committed suicide. I was thinking we could have one brown and tawny tabby like rye, but with cloudy's markings, and maybe a full grey and white one. And then maybe a tan one.

      I dunno though
  • Would you be up for a thread with butterflypaw? :-3
  • Hello fellow Nirvana fan. Wanna rp? :)
    • sure! are you moderate / advanced?
    • Oh I am. I fancy doing a dramatic thread set in the 90's. You in?
    • yup
    • Great mind making the thread while I go tweek my plot idea :)
    • um i need sleep. maybe later tho!
  • Nope, that's Kurt Cobain.

    The leader singer of Nirvana

    I just indentify with his outlook on life, As he was a really nice person, under all of the scandals and stuff.
  • wait is ur new icon from guardians of the galaxy volume 2?
  • Hey what's your plan for riddle? Is he leaving? I'd like for him and flax to know each-other better. (:
    • Possibly. He may wander off and comeback, but Flax could easily understand his anger towards Cinderstar, after she singled him out in front of the whole clan, blamed him for causing tensions between them, and then assigned him permanently to nursery/elder duties even though he had helped the clan. He can't fight his way out, and Cinder won't listen to him at all, so this makes him feel insecure and therefore threatened.

      Flax could easily help out, and possibly get to know him better. Also a quick note, Riddle can "hear" or sense people's emotions/what they are thinking about if the emotion/thought I'd really powerful,sad,angry,happy. So he's got like a mood ring in his brain that can warn him of danger yaddayadda.

      (Also brook, one of my queens would gladly nurse Flax's kits, if am npc is still doing it. She lost her mate in the badger attack (npc) )
    • Sounds good to me(:
      Flax's kits are still waiting to be adopted out so go ahead(:
    • Cool!
  • I'd volunteer Jaggedsight for riddle but he's already taken plus with a healing jaw he ain't gonna be talking at all (and he'll probably still stay quiet after he's healed up...)
    • Voulenteer for what?
    • Your private after first post where it says he's looking for love??
    • riddles straight my duded XD.

      But in a fatherly way sure.

      Ill have to add that to the title.
    • Lol ok.
    • well actually i dunno. But i dont think creambounce would like it o3o
  • i watched alien coveanant. scary as all hell.