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  • Hezo! :3
  • What other series' of books do you like?
    • Other than The Shadowhunters Books?
    • Yeah. Because I don't have the luck you do finding people with similar book interests.
    • I have read quite a few books, my favourites are Fantasy, Fiction and Sci-Fi and I also kinda like history like not fully educational books but like a made up book based on a real story.
      Examples of books: Eragon series, Fablehaven(This was my favourite book when i was younger and what got me into Fantasy and reading;3), Throne of glass, Mazerunner and Virtnet, Warrior Cats, Greek Demigod stuff by Rick, The Young Elites, Prodigy/Legend/Champion, Graceling/Fire/Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore and more lol
    • *breaks down door* DID YOU SAY...THRONE OF GLASS...? *chuckles sheepishly while putting door back up*
    • Yeah lol
  • *creeps in*

  • Heeeeyyyyy Silver! time for Xap's... death.. :'( (Sorry, forgot you already knew, but I'm here now, so hello!)
  • I'm stalking you...mwahahahahaa
  • Im a fuzzy kitten. :3
    • aaaaaaa, so cute! *Hugs for bab* You will be mine, and who ever attempts to cause you pain will feel my claws teeth and wrath
    • : D