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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!
  • Do you need me to bump our thread? :)
    • Yes! All of my notifications disappeared. I guess I shouldn’t take my month long hiatuses but,,, it’s long like i mean to. Still sorry..
  • Hi! I was checking on my old threads and noticed you'd returned a few weeks ago, Would you like to continue our thread when you return again? I've sorta transitioned over to longer, more advanced writing a little bit, so my posts will probably be better. If not, I totally understand!
  • Hey your back?
    Want to continue our wolf rp. I've gotten into more advanced writing so I think it would be more interesting
    • sure! sorry about my absences. the longer they last the guiltier i feel about coming back and that usually makes them last even longer. i'm going to try to pace myself better so i don't lose muse so fast lmao
    • No don't worry Ill bump it. Try and chill, Im not mad at you or anything. Its healthy to take breaks.
  • Heyy!
    • Hey! I feel awful saying this but I don't recognize your profile?
    • Sorry i thought i recognized your page from somewhere. Hm... not sure where.
    • You probably do I pretty much make friends with everybody. I wasn't sure if maybe you'd changed your picture recently (in the last four months XD) I'm pretty forgetful anyway..
    • Not sure. Maybe the dashboards or something? XD I was wondering anyway what type of rolep,ays ypu did as i was wanting to do a werewolf one and needed a partner?
    • Sure! I'm pretty open minded, and up to try anything you suggest :) I usually do bxg or gxg
  • I saw you were asking if anyone wanted to do a realistic romance plot and I’m here to tell you that I am interested.
    • Awesome awesome! Msg me if you have any plots. If you don't I'll go look for some lol
    • I just made a convo for us but if you don’t like my idea, we can always find something we both would like to do
  • Seen you around and I'm wondering if you'd like to do a plot.
  • Me! Me wanna do a rp with the wolves and the people. Can we do a thread? Excuse my poor English in sleep deprived XD
    • Awesomeee! Got any plots in mind? I have a sliver of one if you don't have any lol
    • I wanna hear your one
    • okay first things first do you want to both be werewolves or just one of us? Also, do you want to be the boy or the girl?
    • Maybe both of us could be wolves and I want to be a girl
    • Okay In my plot we're both werewolves. The girl is an omega who just turned eighteen and needs to attend an annual gathering all she-wolves attend between the ages of 18-25 where they spend a entire week in a resort trying to find their True Mates. The Alpha of the meanest pack in the state claims the girl character, and it takes her a while to warm up to the idea of being his mate. :)
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a beautiful human being! have a nice day!
    • Aww tysm. You're a beautiful human being too!