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  • Why you do this to me ?? D:
    • Didn't want to bring back too many characters that I'd already been struggling for muse with before I left, it seemed my baby Jagged's time to go
      I'm sad to see her go though, she could've been more if I'd paid her better attention and some plots hadn't fallen through

      Rip my hopeless warrior </3
    • Hmm I better be seeing her in StarClan missy!
  • Nononono come back
    • heheheh ^^ she will live on, in her kits and StarClan.

      This is only the half of it tho >:D​​​
  • Nuuu come back
    • Was playing cards with my fam, and I had to get a WC meeting out XP now I need some slep, and also stuck on mobile until tomorrow, aaaaaag
  • Jenga please come back!
    • I wish I could! But I've still got Another darn trip, for all of July DX after that I will be free (i hope)
  • Lionsighted is broken
  • You won't mind if Lionsighted and Jenga join the tribe for awhile will you? Or maybe they can stay there for the rest of their lives or something..? Idk.. I was bored so I just plopped them there
    • oh, yeah sure! sounds good for plot, Jenga'll have some fun lol.
  • Lol Sheogorath (the one role playing Sheogorath) said to have fun with our plot. Of Lionsighted and Jenga leaving
  • As she came down, Dawnguard shifted his position, whipping around and timing it so that as soon as Jenga landed, he'd have launched a devastating back kick to launch her backwards.

    Omg do I need to bring Lionsighted there?!?
    • That would be interesting.. wait and see, she'll probably have to run since she's outnumbered, but she'll be back for that one.. :P if the others stay inactive though, Dawnguards gonna have a fight. If it comes to that, it's your choice ;)
    • They'll probably fight, from the looks of things lol
    • Lol ok (sorry the 900 second wait thing...)
    • ug, oh yeah that
    • Lol 300 second wait for a thread reply, 900 seconds for a comment reply.... sigh.. wish it was a week already...
  • this is an absolutely wonderful name for a character