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  • Nononono come back
    • heheheh ^^ she will live on, in her kits and StarClan.

      This is only the half of it tho >:D​​​
  • Nuuu come back
    • Was playing cards with my fam, and I had to get a WC meeting out XP now I need some slep, and also stuck on mobile until tomorrow, aaaaaag
  • Jenga please come back!
    • I wish I could! But I've still got Another darn trip, for all of July DX after that I will be free (i hope)
  • Lionsighted is broken
  • You won't mind if Lionsighted and Jenga join the tribe for awhile will you? Or maybe they can stay there for the rest of their lives or something..? Idk.. I was bored so I just plopped them there
    • oh, yeah sure! sounds good for plot, Jenga'll have some fun lol.
  • Lol Sheogorath (the one role playing Sheogorath) said to have fun with our plot. Of Lionsighted and Jenga leaving
  • As she came down, Dawnguard shifted his position, whipping around and timing it so that as soon as Jenga landed, he'd have launched a devastating back kick to launch her backwards.

    Omg do I need to bring Lionsighted there?!?
    • That would be interesting.. wait and see, she'll probably have to run since she's outnumbered, but she'll be back for that one.. :P if the others stay inactive though, Dawnguards gonna have a fight. If it comes to that, it's your choice ;)
    • They'll probably fight, from the looks of things lol
    • Lol ok (sorry the 900 second wait thing...)
    • ug, oh yeah that
    • Lol 300 second wait for a thread reply, 900 seconds for a comment reply.... sigh.. wish it was a week already...
  • this is an absolutely wonderful name for a character