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  • Is Pantherstrike still around? She's so cute <3
  • How're ya doing Jagged? :)
    • Fine, except for my dad complaining to my mom because I had to shut my eyes for awhile today because the heat is giving me headaches and making me feel nauseated. He just thought it was an excuse for me trying to not go to church which was not my reasoning at all for lying down.

      Which had me in tears hearing him...
    • Aw :( I know exactly how bad the sun can make you feel, that sucks. I'm sorry your dad didn't believe you, and I know this isn't much now, but I believe you <:)
    • Ok. ?
  • buh bye, may be back today, or in a couple ^^
  • psssttt... my account is older than yooouuurrrssss~
  • Lichen has a broken front right leg (a simple closed fracture of the ulna), a broken jaw (a mandibular symphysis fracture), a couple of cracked ribs (a simple closed fracture and a couple of hairline fractures affecting the sternal ribs), and deep muscle bruising.
  • Sooo bout the wc thread, we just say you got some help and go?
  • Sure! Lol almost forgot about it...
  • Should we go ahead with the plot where Talonfire is killed?
  • Ayo, I could add Jaspereyes to our thread (He won't want a fight though, lol) or we could just bump it
  • Hey, so what're we gonna do w/Lion and Jenga?
    • Maybe have them leave the forest territories..?
    • lol yes, would we post the thread from fortress, or??
    • Idk.. where do U want it at
    • XD i dunno, i guess it doesn't matter where it is, but i am wondering where these two will go, what board? The unofficial lands of loners (Or something like that)
    • Possibly
  • trying to get Accolades to work, you got a clue on them?
    • I have no clue what accolades are. Sorry..
    • lol ok, they're like badges I guess, when you click your profile they're the bottom thing. I'll go to the help den, np
  • Bah, just missed ya
    • I Am back. Was trying to take a nap because I'm still sore from this go-kart accident i had where I crashed through the barrier.... it's not helping so.. I gave up and the three alleve i took ain't helping
    • Ag, that sounds awful. Rest up if you need to, don't get permanent damage, go to da doctor!