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  • So gonna have him loose another life to him orrrrr?
    • I'm not sure, this time he's ready and quite willing to fight, where as last time he was caught off guard. Not from the first attack, but possibly farther along? Not certain ^^
  • is sleekpaw gonna kill jay?
    • I'm not sure, it's up to Tallow I'm letting them decide lol
    • oh ok

      tbh i kinda wish Lightningtooth could kill him bc when Jay attacked acornpaw Lightning told Icykit to run away and thats how she/he went missing the first time which lead to icy becoming argente and joining bc

      idk if you remember
    • oooohhhh yeah, if Tallow decides not to make Sleekpaw kill him, I'll let you know echo!
    • Heeeeeyyyyyy Jay never technically died in the thread, so if you like he's still up for having Lightning finish him off!
    • k cool! Do you want to make the thread or should I?
  • question- are riverclan and windclan enemies?
    • Nope! They are allied for protection against BloodClan, and I think they will be allied in the coming war, along with ThunderClan and SkyClan I think
    • thank you v much!
  • Thought you joined ThunderClan?
    • Yeaaaaah, changed my mind :P I've given him a connection to Ferret (cat who was killed on WC land) so I decided it'd be more interesting in WC. Plus, joining thread went inactive, lol. I could've just poofed my way in, but windclan is better now for his character