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  • hey look it’s Actual Garbage
    i love
  • Hello there Jersiboi
    • Yooo Ahi!
    • how is drunk boi doing?
    • He's a little down on his luck right now rip
    • <s>Down on his luck its tough, so tough<\s>

      Well Ahi now has a scar and is showing off his social akwardness
    • damn I hate strikethroughs
  • Heyo tagged you in a post, thinking it would kind of interesting how this goes down.
  • Hey there, haven't heard from ya in a while.
    • Hi!! How have you been?
    • Good. Still wondering if you're wanting to continue the human au?
  • one thing about your signature that ticks me off abit
    the line is

    Take me down to the paradise city
    where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
    oh wont you please take me home
    • yeah it's confusing because he says "take me home" and "oh won't you please take me home" at the same time? i opted for the shorter line because i didn't want it to be too long
    • got it and i get you
      multilayered voices can get weird some times.
      you can just say you are quoting another chorus part
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a magnificent human being! have a nice day!