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  • Whats up
    • Nm, bored...and mad about the romantic catholics religion.
    • What do you mean
    • Watch louder with crowder episode 191. You'll see what I mean.
    • Oh
    • And then the next bishop did...and they call us unreligious...
  • So I heard you like tfs
    • Yea,
    • I love their series. Do you have a few fav chars?
    • Vegeta, Gohan, piccolo and krillian...
    • Mine are cell, krillin, dende, freiza and vegeta. Oh, and trunks

      Basically all abridged chars?
    • True...
  • If you told me you loved me I may just laugh... and sneeze milk from my nose! (Family Comedy RP)
  • Oh I've got a new rp thread in Other Role play called IF you told me you loved me I may just laugh.... and sneeze milk out my nose!!! Family comedy rp join it
    • Never did that style before...
    • Hehe me neither something new
    • I usually do serious rp...
    • Well I do but seriousness gets heavy for me... lighthearted touches are what everyone needs once in a while
  • I'm sorry about how your thread is being treated. I'm sorry if I was harsh too
    • You were fine, it's just that I feel like everyone bashes us because of what we believe...when there is proof on it.
    • I agree... that's why I get a bit strong with my words when I get insulted or told I should change my views you know
    • Same,
    • Wow we really click
    • I guess, we do...