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  • Ya mind if I bring Israel into the gryphon thread?
    • Sure go ahead, and no need to wait for me to give you the go ahead to start the RP :) my first RP post is in the first post so ^^
  • Where'd you go? XD
    • Have been busy with many things recently, I can try to respond, just gotta catch up lol
    • Not too much. The event will be starting soon.
  • Here is a link to the RP I mentioned in the shoutbox if you want to give it a look!

  • Would you like to do a Fairytail roleplay?
    • I am up for one :)
    • Do you have an idea, or would you like me to think of something?
    • Well it depends, what are you looking for? :) Romance? Or anything else?
    • Romance and adventure would be good :)
    • Alright hmm...well we could do different guilds or same guild, or we could do outsider and guildy.
  • I see Devotion by Hurts.
    we are now friends.
  • hey dream, did you want me to send you the threads that we where doing?