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  • Horror romance?
    • yes I LOVE it :) @ForeverYoung2004
    • Would you be interested in plotting threads that involve things like loss?
    • yah i had a thread for one, but yah im up for it if u are. Just pm me so we can create a plot.
  • "life isnt handing me lemons, it's throwing them in my face"
  • If you ever wanna rp with me, just pm me and we can plot!
  • you really play the ukulele?
    • Yah I do, I picked it up a while ago and I guess I'm ok at it..lol
    • i think that's cool! I've always wanted to learn how to play.
    • Awe thanks, I know some of the note names and fingerings, but my bff is teaching me
    • Nobody here knows how to play, plus I don't have one. The ones they sell here or just toys and I can't find an instrument store,,
      So I'm stuck watching youtube videos of how to play the ukulele. c':
    • we have 2 or 3 instrument stores here but the videos help
  • "You're given two choices in every situation"