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  • Come back Jadey-Bug 💔😢
  • I miss you jade ❤ :)!
    • Aww thank you so much Ren, you're an amazing person too, and I'm so happy to be friends with you here <333
    • awH <3 ILYYY
  • What do you think about Corrado and Laika becoming friends, maybe he would be interested in adopting her pups?
    • Hm, it's possible, depends what the circumstances are, right now he's not really a family kind of guy, just a loner who's currently protective of Freya. If no one else took them and he found them abandoned, he might (Though that's assuming Laika died during birth, and the other wolves simply left the pups behind)
    • Just so you know I have plotted a romance between Freya and Cerberus so maybe him and Corrado could butt heard until she falls for Cerberus?
    • Alrighty, Corrado will probably be pretty passive aggressive lol, I'm interested to see what it does to his character
  • Would Striker be open to claiming Crow?
    • Possibly, I usually just see how things work out in the rp
  • Hey do you know any wolf RPers? I need someone to play a wolf pup for me.
    • Myself (lol XD) Silkswift, Toxicsoldier, Jaybird, annnnd maybe KagonaMoana or DesiredMemories (Though I'm only going off the knowledge that they like animal rps, I've only seen them in a horse rp so far)
    • Toxic, Jay, and Kagone are already in the wolf thread. IDK if SilkSwift is into wolves or not. (I only know that the other three are a part of the wolf community.) Guess that leaves you again XD.
    • Lol, Silk does rp wolves, they've been in a few threads before, and maybe Desired would be willing as well! I can certainly check it out though, if you send me the link :)
      OH and I also just remembered Whisper, they do wolf threads for sure (To find them it's ~~~Whisper~~~)
  • ...he got me again.. but I’m in no mood for another break..
  • Do you think Isa and Baron could have a romance plot?
    • It's possible, I like to let things just happen in the rp, but that's definitely something that could happen!
    • Sounds good!
  • feralfront.com/thread/2593940-…-wereanimal-rp-1-positio/

    I made this thread if you want to check it out.
  • Hey do you want to do a thread together? I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve last RPed.
    • I'd be interested for sure, yeah it does seem to have been awhile :) Do you have any ideas, or just thinking?
  • Hey if you’d like I can make a mare to be Strikers friend?
    • She’ll be like a spitfire and coax him out of his shell?
    • You don't have to make a mare solely for him lol, but if you'd like to make a mare to be his friend, you're welcome to go for it!
    • Ok!
  • Finch and Dragon thread?
    • Or.. Minnow ... I’m leaning more towards Finch tho..
    • Yeah, sure thing! I need more threads for Finch anyway XD After tonight I won't be able to reply until the 9th or 10th, but we can start it now
    • Ok! You make?
    • Sure, just need to know where they'd meet up? Probably Four Trees right?
    • Yep!
  • I know you might not be interested, but would you or anyone else you know like to ask a question to the tailypo in Ask the Tailypo?
  • Hey it's been awhile.
    • Oh yeah, it sure has! Hey there, how have you been fire?
    • Good haven't been on here for a long time.
    • Glad to see you back around, you were one of the first I met when I first joined this site ^^ Are you starting to rp again?
    • I have an idea.
    • Alright, let me know if you decide to make some threads, maybe I'll join 'em!
  • Hey there,
    I looked in your siggie(tOtALLy not stAlKInG) and saw people drawing things, would you mind if I drew something for you oo?
    • Heyo, I'd love a drawing if you're willing :) You want to just draw whatever you like, or would you like me to give you an idea/referance/ something like that?
    • It would be lovely if you gave a reference because I honestly don't know what to draw right now. I'm trying to re-draw pictures from Dragon City and tbh they're not turning out that well.
    • mmmk, I'll pm you a couple pics than, if that works? I don't think I can send pics on my wall
    • Sure~
  • Wakey wakey rise and shakey Rinsvarok is now calling you back.

    Who knows maybe Camilla becomes the Queen.
    • Oh hey! Alrighty I'm back, heading to thread, is this with Aldacruin or something else happen? Idk I'll probably find out in the thread yeah?
    • Yep you’ll find out
  • Question for you:

    When is faded coming back? Because I kind of want Panther to [sort of] move to the tribe in an attempt to try and find him?

    ^hes obviously still in love with faded of course, but scared because faded kind of rejected him^
    • I'm not sure, I want him to come back soon, but he's still got to go to the tribe, sooo, I might have him set out in maybe a week? I'm thinking after the 24th, since that's when I'm heading back home from a trip, but he might possibly get to the tribe before that
    • And Panther will be in the tribe by then anyway so maybe that’s where they’ll find each other?
    • Sounds good to me!

      Ah idk how I want Faded to eventually feel about Panther, like if he'll start to like him again or not
    • Argh your gonna break his heart of faded days no!

      (And that’ll be two characters you’ll have broken)
    • ah geez nu im sorryyyy

      But wait Jagged had Creambounce didn't he?
  • “It had taken her so many moons to get over Cypressshadow, and finally she'd found Falconbreeze. Barely a quarter moon after he'd told her he felt the same, they'd gone into battle against BloodClan.“

    And yet she didn’t reciprocate Jagged’s feelings. XD
  • I want to know if Jewel would like to be second mare. Her duties would be to help Jael and do as she asks. Such as merit out punishment if Jael says too, give Jeal a chance to rest once in awhile. Like an assestent.
    • Yeah, I think she would actually be alright at that job, She'd be willing to do as Jael asks and hand out punishments, only being second mare she would be allowed to breed with others besides the lead stallion though right? That would be the only thing she'd object to, but would still take the position.
    • She would still be free to breed with who she wants. only the lead mare is restricted in that department. (though so far she hasn't had much luck there..lol)
    • Alright, then yeah for sure! Lol true XP
    • I will work it into the rp to get Jael to talk to her. Then the announcment will be made when she announces the new lead stallion.
  • And your custom title says “Evil Ham” HA! My characters alone have been through more! XP
    • Lol yeah, reference to a particularly interesting conversation I had in the chat box, which resulted in some 'Evil Ham' art by Bendy the Dancing Demon, and my custom title XD
  • I need that thread through my motifs again Jadey
  • Want to join a wolf RP?
  • Congrats Jadefeather!
    • Thanks! I didn't expect to win lol, especially not with that post, it was pretty 'just right something, right now' XD I'm happy with it though, kind of made my day XP
  • Permission to have Jagged dream of her in StarClan?
  • I’m not sure if this new ShadowClan in wcarpg is taking kindly to my character. Larkpaw is sympathetic and the leader has already called him slow.
    • Like, are they insulting him/you ooc, or just like, ic? I'll try and revamp my account there, and check things out
    • I honestly don’t know! I’m so linked with my character that I can literally not tell the difference
    • heh, I checked it out, I think they're just being true with their characters personalities. I wouldn't worry about it, remember, most clan cats don't approve of kitty pets, it's actually strange the clan cats here are usually fine with them XD
    • And Larkpaw is the new Jadefeather XD
    • I know

      I saw

      I'm fricken jelly XP

  • [image='1634',large][/image]
  • *flutters in*

    13 HOURS?!?

    *flutters out hissing*
  • Check this out if you're interested! ^^
  • *Comes in and scribbles 'Anti was here' on your wall before walking out.*
    • Hoi!

      I'm sad to hear that the Skylit thing didn't work out :( oh well
    • Yeah effin sucks, the new leader didn't even offer to give Skypaw a new mentor just frikken shoved him aside telling me to go to tryouts for a mentor.
    • Anyway this account is for my Non. Trad. Cat so if you ever wanna do something with him just tag me
    • Well, Quinn did talk to you then? As of now we do have a meddy cat and apprentice, so that was probably why the position couldn't be offered. The only place to go to get a mentor is the apprentice/mentor finder, they can't exactly give you one without speaking to that cat's rper.

      Sounds fun, I might try and get a cat in extended, but I have a hard time rping there lol, just can't seem to stick around.
    • Well no see I explained to them everything even that the old leader was my mentor and they didn't even suggest I go to the mentor finder section
  • Seriously come back