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  • Just letting you know that the family tree in the tags doesn't work for me ^^
  • Hey did FF eat up one of my notifications for the Riddle / Light thread?
    • never got a reply to it so probably ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Remember when riddle was wicked edgy?
    • haha indeed
    • I feel like his charisma has worn off now. But I'm too dedicated to throw him away. And any other charries I make seem like Riddle clones.
  • B o o p
  • MLEM
    • sorry sorry my friend - went through a thing - ill reply soon ;W;
    • So Riddle's gonna run away for a bit from shadowclan... Maybe once our healing thread is done they could like meet on a patrol or something?
    • SURE!

      btw i might be bringing Rainy back as a loner ;3
    • Rainyskies?? Riddles forst adoptive mum?!?
    • YEP!
  • M l e m
    • M l e m ? ??

      but omgg nice i was just about to msg you if you wanted another interaction w/ these dorks <3 save their friendship yes
      Because, poor Riddle, most of what light screamed at him was false
      shes just so troubled...
    • Mlem is a new meme like "Blep" , "Boop" and "snoot"


      Also yasss

      Is she willing to compromise or should riddle get high and hring a bunch of drugs?


      Also should i make a <3 chart for riddle?!
    • you youngsters and your dang memes !

      Light would compromise yes but it'll still be hard since she's a stubborn little monster ;3
      but yes
      bring the catmint yesss

    • Okay.. who makes??

      Ive been wanting to ask 4 a while but Riddles been captured by blood clan for like 4 days irl and he didn't even get tortured.
    • You make - cus im museless and lazy ;P

      SNORTT Bloodclan what are you doing
      but Light will sympathize with his torture and see him as bad ass for surviving it yes
  • Lightning have you seen to the elders yet? *leaderly nagging and momming*
  • Private thread with Light? Sorry please tell me if I'm being overbearing / pushy...
  • I just love this character so much. ❤️
  • I dunno if you saw, but i updated the thread to move along the dream stuff. Sorry bout that.
    • Are you ignoring the Riddle and Lightning thread? Ive bumped it but i dunno if FF is just eating notifications, or if you're just ignoring me.
    • Nope! Just mainly focusing on the forest thread so I can get light back to camp so she and riddle will have something more to talk about
    • Ahhh! My bad. Didn't mean to pester you. V.v