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    • Omgggg my child!!!!
    • :)) I'm back sorry for my absence
    • It’s totally okay I’m just happy you are back! Yayyyyy I missed you!
    • yesss I missed you too! I came back because I saw some ratekh kids running around and sinning all over the place and I thought they might benefit from some tired dad guidance lmfao so...set lives again
    • this will be so good! ayyyy it’ll be awesome to do with you again
  • Am I in trouble, ma’am? I’m sorry if I wasted you and the other admins’ time.
    • No, you are not in trouble and everything is okay : ) staff is just looking over the issue
    • Alright, thank you!
  • <33
  • Hello! I was wondering, since you're a staff member/admin, could you tell me which perks there are of being an admin?
    • Hi, I'm not an admin but a CE or creative engineer. I typically help the community with questions or problems they are having and welcome new and old members to the site
    • Ah okay X 3
      Do you know who the admins are? And I like your profile picture by the way :-D
    • The three admins are Dynamo, Frostsoul, and Alakritous! And thanks : )
    • Thank you and your welcome! Have a nice day : D
    • Another question, do you know how to make a form for one of the traditional clans?
  • /cuckles quietly