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FeralFront has finally launched an official Discord server! You can use the link in the menu or click here!
It's time for the gatherings again! Leader, Medic, and Official!
Come check out our December Spotlight Contest!
The winners for the November Spotlight Contest have been decided! The art goes to Sadie and the writing goes to Vanilla. Congratulations!
Traditional Darkclan is an active medium to fast paced loyal clan with tons of interesting characters and a friendly out of character community - come see for yourself!
Is your character lusting for power, or seeking revenge against an old enemy? The District is a medium-paced group working to become the strongest clan in the land while strengthening bonds and supporting allies. Come see for yourself as they fight not to lose themselves to evil and cruelty!
  • I take a long time to respond to private threads. Feel free to bump it if I haven not replied in 3 days. I promise, i will get to it eventually.
  • we have the same icon. we must battle to find out who is alpha.
    • alright bro square up
    • Is it possible to beat the mother of the geese
    • the geese are the destroyer of armies yet they are my children. therefore i am death