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  • Hey Mossy are you on Xanje?
  • Just uh... Gonna throw this at you :P

  • Moss I shall be here for you bab :) Feel free to hmu with a PM if you want to
  • Not sure if you saw but if we can get another person in the Lucid Shadows, i will make the roleplay
  • To get the post headers you just find them around the site, I have so many replicas
    • I know. I have like an entire page of broken 8 and stuff. It's quite annoying
    • Ugh, like they need to do something where you can sell tgese things °3°
  • you want to hear my music?
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a beautiful human being! have a nice day!
  • Love that picture you have as your profile pic someone did a 3s adult of it on YouTube very beautiful
  • Are you still looking for a furry roleplay? PM me and I can get you to one.
  • Hello my furry friend wanna RP?
  • so apparently people in FF are having issues with threads and watching...
  • Territorys done, if you want a close up of your camp let me know
  • yo
  • Forgot to ask but! can I use the Rebs art you gave me for my avatar on ff?
    • Oh yes of course love! You're entitled to it completely! Just as long as my mark doesn't go bye bye ;)
    • Thank you!
  • It's hard to tell who's alive and who's dead, so stop trying to understand the world and ignore all the beasts trying to tear you down... I know I haven't... I'm slowly falling apart as we speak... One piece at a time.
    • I am really sorry to hear that Sin but you are right you should try and ignore the people trying to hurt and tear you down. But sadly that is very hard to do though so I
      understand why you are falling apart slowly.
  • I don't know about you but I was thinking about having Sundance slowly fall in love with Rockstar.
  • yo!
  • *poke*
  • ...Guess I'll reply to Echoclan cause Im bored and wanna rp! XD
  • hello <3 hope you're having an alright day. ^.^
    • Thank you. It's okay so far. Not looking forward to the Rosery tonight or the funeral tomorrow.
    • I'm sorry to hear that. You can message me whenever you want and we'll talk. You can vent, or we can just chat. I'm here for you though.
    • Ha, nice to know stranger's on the internet care more than those in real life!

      You know what I think would be cool? To have a FeralFront convention
    • o
      that would be cool o: What would happen there?
    • Umm lol heck if I know! People could dress up and rp in real life? Larp... You could have commissions done by artists and see how they do it. You could meet your favorite rper or your friends you've been roleplaying with. There probably would be some sort of competition done by typing and story telling.
      Also could be like those kinda lectures done by good roleplayer to help beginners to rp better and help them develop ocs. Drawing classes too. Also for big topics like depression and struggles there probably would be lectures for that too
  • Because Oakclan is dead maybe a new clan appears with Rockclan and Murkyclan? For more muse? (Just answer when u feel like it)
  • you still thar?