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The winners of the latest giveaway are: Rose Petals and Azeda!! Congratulations!

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The winner of the latest giveaway is: Chara (Undertale)!! Congratulations!

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    • ;)
      dadhaus more like daddyhaus
  • waddles all over dads profile
  • dad follow me back :'0
    • kiddo pls im not as hip as the cool kids these days how do i do it
  • heeeeeeeey! its been a while since ive been on the site, I only returned just recently but I miss RPing with you and I still love Funhaus omg!!! I hope things have been good for you.
    • aaaa it's so awesome seeing you again tap! i miss roleplaying with you also and i myself still adore kate so much. funhaus is in another love plot atm but if you'd like, they could have a thread where they probably become emotional and funhaus confesses that he still likes her but would rather stay as friends bc he doesn't want to hurt her. and now imma spam ur main account bECAUSE UR BACK AND I SERIOUSLY MISSED YOU !!
    • hey ^^ i hope you've been doing well! it's been a long time since we last spoke with each other lmao.

      awww, that's completely fine! I know I was gone for a while so things happen lmao. though it will mean kate's gonna be super heartbroken for a while (yay for plot ideas!!!). (I deff think a thread for these two in particular is a good idea though so kate can get some closure on the matter. and itll be so much fun to RP with you again! :) ) I loved doing a romance or even close friends plot with you though, so if you ever want to do something like with any of your other characters, don't ever hesitate to ask!
    • i'm doing pretty decently. school and mental stuff are a bit stressful, but nothing bad that i can't get over. i hope you're doing well also!

      funhaus is already quite heartbroken over kate's sudden disappearance, so you can bet he'd be even more after seeing her and telling her they should stay friends. oh jeez i hurt over these two so much. and if you'd like to do a romance, i def have a lot characters up for it, especially roosterteeth (funhaus' bro) who would probably reject any feelings because hey sadness over husband's death. we can def talk over all of this over pm !!
    • ohhh I can relate a lot to all that right now. im sorry you're going through it too. :(

      I deff want kate to have a long term love plot finally (one that eventually works out ;;; ) so id love to plot with you again! feel free to PM me on this account on this one or your main, I only use this account now so I respond to all PMs here lol.