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  • ryullux thread!; feralfront.com/thread/2500658-love-is-a-crime-ryusaki/

    made it to an other au, lol. sue me.
    • lmao i saw it in the cartel and i'm just like
      "omg bless"
      so no i won't sue you
      instead lemme love you /huggles
    • now we have two aus and probably confuses alot of people xD
      they are to adorebale though, i just can't handle it, ahaaa, need to draw them more. I'm so excited it's finally is happening!
      *hugs back*
  • E'llo Yaka-chan!! So i decided to update you a little bit here. I have spoken with Vexxy about the that thread and they are up for it but right now they have a bit of stuff to deal with so it might take some time until they can put it up. I told them to go in contact with you once they want to have that thread. I am starting to get impatient though so i was thinking if it takes to much of time before that thread gets into place we could have it rolled after they have got together as well. You know a bit of drama after they have got together? But yeah it's up to you what you wanna do, i could force myself to wait a bit longer if necessery. I do have started the thread with Zya about Twi spatting out the truth in Sol face though because i need muse xD it's going to be hilarious. Hah. The reason i mainly dropt in here though is because i am wondering if you wanna have a AU thread with Ryullux?? I want Sol to get back home drunk and just become like a teddy bear how wanna cuddle with Ryu, hehe.

    Oh yeah and why i am posting this her eon your wall is because i have no clue how the conversation box works, rip me xD
    • Ahh, it's fine!! To be honest, I'm not sure how to send messages with the convo box either so it's all good!

      Thanks for updating me on Vexxy's situation and for telling them to contact me after they got things settled on their end, it's appreciated Seina :^) And yup, I don't have a problem with that thread happening after they got together for some drama if it takes a little longer. That sounds just fine to me, aha. And mm I'm gonna go and stalk that thread with Sol and Twi because I need to see this happen, xD

      Omg... Sol coming home drunk to Ryu sounds adorable and funny, I'm totally down for this, yes!! While he's somewhat confused, he's just gonna go along with it because the chance to cuddle with Sollux is just too rare to pass up heh.
    • Relived to know i am not the only one then xD I just stares at the box and is like nope! to old for this.

      And no problem! Sorry it took such a long time though to fix everything of this out
      though. Usual i am quicker to organize plots out. Great then! should we say we have that make up thread this weekend then? That will give some more time for vexxy to post the thread otherwise it can happen afterwards. Yeah i thought it might be a bit fun since Sol have never been in a relationship before and not the kind of guy to think about someone else feelings before his own and so will feel trapped in a corner and not really understand what he has been doing for wrong xD poor him, Sol will really try so hard to treat Ryu right though although his obsessive nature will still remain and his selfish desire to lock Ryu away, lol. Yeah do so! Sol is going to turn very uncharistic awkward and uncomfortable. Not liking when someone else knows something about him when he not even has realised it himself.

      Yes a drunk Sol is going to be a more affective one and clingy over Ryu, lol. That thread is going to be awesome. I can make that thread tomorrow and send it to you on your wall! c:
    • Haha yeah, that was pretty much me too. I was just like "I'll figure it out later" and I never got around to figuring out exactly how they worked. I'll give you a shout if I figure out how to work it, xD

      It's quite fine, no worries! And yeah, this weekend sounds great actually. They're both going to be a bit awkward, which should be pretty fun to play out in their first weeks of being together and all. Lol, like we've always discussed, Ryu will be fine with being locked away. "It's for love you guys!" He'd probably say, lol. And yup, alright, you'll probably see me creeping around the thread pretty soon.

      Yus, I can't wait for it, I'm looking forward to the thread. If you could, that'd be great. Take your time though, no rush :^))
    • Yes please do so! ya senpai needs your help because she has given up!

      Trust me Sol is going to hang over Ryu every single day afried he is going to break or something xD he is going to be so awkward to, like omg this will be such a good developement for him, probably going to secretly read about 'how to succeed in relationships' xD Pfft, yeah Ryu is the cuities cinnamon roll out there in the whole world how dosen't care to get his freedom stolen from him. Just going to take the opportunity to stick houndres of sweaters for Sol to express his love. I can see it happend though when the cartel starts to notice Ryu's absent in the clan.
      crew/ Hey Sol where is Ryu this days? i have not seen him for days
      sol/ Uh, i decided to lock him inside my den so he not can leave me
      crew/ uh, okay...wait what?! w-why would you do that?!?!
      sol/ because i love him
      crew/ *slowly backs away from yandere sol while praying for ryu#

      ryu/ *happily hums while sticking sweaters* in the background houndres of sweaters lay in a pile in wait for sol-senpai return.

      thread; feralfront.com/thread/2499691-…-au-ryusaki/#post89158957