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  • Heyo, how've you been? Been awhile since we last talked ^^
    • Pretty good, you? I've meant to be more active, but school just started up for me and it was a bit harder to jump back onto that train than I thought it would be. :/
    • Ah that's fine, school started for me about a week ago, so far so good :)
  • I hope it’s alright with you if Maisy and Ralf become friends? At the moment I’m just thinking that, but we could always discuss a romance plot.
    • Yes, I'm totally fine with that! I meant to write that when I accepted her, but I was in a rush and forgot.
    • It’s all good!
  • Yo do you do a lot of human roles in fantasy RPS?
    • I generally don't do human roleplays in general, but every once and I while I will if they catch my eye or I'm filling to give it a shot. Do you have one?
    • Oh just asking. I’m in a thread where they need more human characters. Though I think they’re good now.
  • Oi! Need to get this family back on track!

    (This is Jaggedsight by the way (Subaccount) so don’t freak out)
    • That makes sense. I was rather confused when I saw the username "Flashfire" had left a post on my wall, and yes we do! They could join a clan together perhaps?
    • Perhaps.
    • Or we could start a new thread with them all together?
    • We could also do that... but I hope it doesn’t die again.
    • Ya... We might as well give it a shot though. The only way to find out is to try. Would you be interested in that?
  • Yo not to bother you, but can I talk to you about something?
    • Totally
    • Okay so, one day I was scrolling through FF, looking for roleplays, when I saw one called the Tale of the Conquering Dragon. I was curious what it was so I clicked on it and read all of the replies to catch up. Turns out Liara Amangi was on there, who I know from certain "encounters", saying that they were banned because "they offended a snowflake". Now I'm not one for gossip, but do you happen to know if that snowflake was me?
    • No, I do not. Did you two get in a scuffle?
    • Not exactly.

      You see, it all started when I first met them. That was when they messaged me. I was weirded out because I had never met them before. They weren't in any of my threads, I wasn't in any of there's, we both weren't in someone else's thread, we haven't even talked OOC. They even addressed in their message that we haven't met before. Anyways, the reason they said they messaged me was because they wanted me to join their thread. Naturally, I asked them what was it about. It was an MLP: Equestria Girls thread, and while I'm a fan of MLP (don't judge me), I never really was a fan of EQG, though the premise did seem sort of interesting. I told them that I would have to think about it and warned them that it sometimes took me a while. However, later on they messaged me again literally saying that they changed their EQG roleplay to a normal MLP roleplay and asked if I wanted to join now. I started to get even more weirded out, so I decided to ignore them.

      Despite this, I kept getting messages from them about threads they wanted me to join and messages about thread ideas they had for the two of us. They even started posting things on the original message they sent me like, "So when are you going to join my thread?" And "Hello? Are you still there?" They posted me these things at least once a day every time they were on FeralFront, as if they wanted to talk to me, despite us barely knowing each other.

      Things got even weirder when they followed me on FF and started tracking threads I was a part of, whether that be threads I made or other people's threads I had joined. They even tracked threads I made when I first joined FeralFront and are long dead. One time, they even joined this private thread I was a part of.

      The final straw was when they messaged me a link to one of their threads to check it out. I clicked the link and noticed that the thread was privated. I asked them why it was privated, and they said it privated for just the two of us, EVEN THOUGH I had NEVER agreed to join their thread. (Also, NO JOKE but do you know how your thread with Liara is "The Tale of the Conquering Dragon V.2"? Well that's because the original thread was the one they wanted just the two of us to play on. Anyways, I started to really freak out, so I decided to message an admin just in case if I was just overreacting about the whole situation. They actually said that I wasn't and that it was very serious. (Though a part of me still feels like it wasn't and I was just overreacting.) They decided to message Liara about the situation. (Though they kept me anonymous, since I didn't know what would happen if Liara found out it was me and I was nervous they would get mad at me for telling the admin.) After the admin contacted them, for several months Liara hadn't responsed, so I thought it was all over.

      However, they ended up sending me messages again, so I told the admin again. After that, I hadn't heard from Liara since, so that's why I wasn't sure if during the first confrontation with Liara was just a warning, while the second one flat out banned her.

      So yeah, that's why I wasn't sure if I was the "snowflake" Liara was talking about. I also noticed they got banned from their other account, so hopefully it wasn't because they did a similar thing to another user or something.

      So yeah, sorry for this tangent. I've only talked to 2 or 3 other people about this.
    • I understand. I can see how it could be from your view. Though I'm not certain what their intentions were or anything, I've definitely only heard anything about this now. I can see things from their perspective too. Maybe they just saw you were a good rolpelayer and wanted to roleplay with you? It is odd but at least it is over now, right?
  • --edit--

    Was gonna post a link to the RP but I see you already found it haha thank you for joining!
  • Are you still interested in the dragon or pride rp?
    • Yes, I just haven't been able to be on recently due to birthday shinanagins and such.
    • Alright...
  • Done! Hope you like it! :D
    • Five years ago. That's her age... ?
    • Glad you finally came around! What should we do for our one on one? We could do an animal one of human, I'm pretty much fine either way at the moment.
    • So what about kaisiane teto is vocaloid?
    • Forgot if I did normal password
    • Oh. So what are we doing for one on one
  • I am making a new roleplay about humans thought you might be interested check it out…t-like-it-sign-up-thread/
    • Sure thing! All of your role-plays have been really good so far!
    • Aww thank you that's so nice to say
  • Hai! Toxic made this RP about stray dogs and a virus, I thought you might like it because of the after.the.end. RP we were gonna do until the owner bailed(or idk what the owner did, he just never made the RP thread)…-we-want-it/#post89629235
  • *Sneaks into your house* Hey, I think you deserve a sausage. *Holds one out*
    • *slowly comes forward, snatches sausage out of hand, gobbles down quickly. Looks up, says in weird derpy British accent* "why thank you kind sir, do you happen to have any more delectable meats?"
    • (omg the accent...) *Searches pockets* hmmmm, yes i believe i do! *Tosses five hundred sausages out of pockets*
    • *Spins around in circle, with arms up,* "YES, MAKE IT RAIN! My fortune cookie was right!"
    • *Grabs a leaf blower, and shoots sausages into the sky* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    • *opens mouth* my dreams have come true!! *starts gobbling down sausages, house begins to fill with sausages*
  • Noo don't go to them come back to Flurryblaze! XP
  • Flurryblaze: noo come back!
  • Hey! I thought you might like this thread I made!…y-semi-advanced-advanced/
  • Hey I was wondering if you were interested in joining a roleplay I just made about werewolves but in ancient japan.…tID=89510505#post89510505

    The link to the sign up thread is above check it out. :)
  • Hope your having a good day!
    • And hope that you are as well!
  • Yes thank you I need it for Flurryblaze