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  • Hey, I saw you left a like on my Mystery Dungeon thread. If you're interested, we have another space available!
    • You do? That'd be great! I've been looking for more threads!
    • Yeah. No problem at all! Just go ahead and fill out the form and I'll add you to the list. I'm currently working on Roleplay thread so it'll be ready soon
  • Hi there! Quick question: Do you rp fanclans?
  • I will have the same username I do here. You can just call me when FeralFront is safe to peruse again. Farewell and happy RPing!~
  • Until further notice (which should only be a day or two, knowing me) due to the recent security failure, I will be on RPNation. Ciao!
  • Hey, could you ask Aron the Aron to talk to Wuldraider 2.0? Like, they make the first move; Wuld has a social anxiety thing that means he can't make the introduction himself. I think they'd like each other.
    • Sure. You want me to tell Aron that you asked me, or stay anonymous?
    • Eh. Whichever. Though I doubt they'll be pleased if they knew it was me. I...Always skipped out on RPs.
    • Alright.
  • Hey! Just saw that you had liked my fan fiction! I just wanted to ask what you thought of it so far and where you think I could improve
  • Hi, I’m not sure if you saw my message on Guard Dogs. Is there a certain role you’d like me to reserve for you?
    • I did. I think I'd like to reserve a herder.
    • Great, I’ll go ahead and do that for you! Do you have an idea of when you might be able to finish a form?
    • I'll try to come up with something this week, hopefully today or tomorrow.
  • I would just do it now. I said if they don’t come on in a couple days you should just do it.. sorry I’m an impatient person....
  • You should definitely.. show them where they are staying. (sorry I just... don’t believe Kairos will respond and I’m not blaming them I’m saying they probably are just very busy... maybe give it one or a couple more days...?)
    • Sure, I can wait for them to return.
    • Okay
  • Oh! Idea!
    • What's your idea?
    • Maybe a private version of the Glided Cage plot, where My Character (A teleporter whose paternal parent is unknown) ends up dealing with a lot as she struggles to escape.
    • Sure, I could set up a private version!
    • Yeah! And I may bring in a few pals.