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  • Tabbbyyyyy noooo come back!
  • Tabby he eagerly awaits your response! *squeaks*
    • oh dear, jagged's getting hyped cx
      yes im about to respond
    • XD he just so desperately wants to be proved worthy and earn his respect lol.
    • well, he will get his respect c; give me a moment
    • Lol ok.
  • Hey Tab! You know that Cloudspots RP you have going on? (Two heads full of shit) Well one of my characters is rather fond/mildlyprotective of Cloud in particular, and maybe you'd enjoy a thread with him, perhaps after the thread with tab and cloud finishes?
    • sure lmao! im up for it. who makes?
    • you please.

      fond as in mildly romantic.
    • i mean, would you rather have her beginning to make her way off skyclan territory where said character finds her, or what?
    • No probably like Ryewhisker (the character) was looking for her. And possibly going out to try and kick her ass.
    • so im guessing rye hears about what tab did to cloudspots, goes looking for tab. would you prefer they meet in the city or somewhere in between where tab is just walking and he happens to find her?
  • Hey Tab! Where you still interested in training this lil girl?
    • heck yeah c:
    • yay awesome!