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  • Also ava's demon is sooooo slow to update but i love it so much
    • Ditto. Love it so much.

      A week is honestly not much? Some comics take months to update. You're lucky af
    • Yeah i know...

      I hope its not ending soon..
    • Its far from over my dude. Trust me. The other characters have yet to make their pacts (Odin & Gil), and from what I know, three other demons have yet to be revealed.

      I think the twins are hosts tbh
    • Mm! Did you see the guy with the guitar on the character sillouette page???
    • Also not to spam ur account but i made a DC charrie!!1!
    • BEGONE T H O T
    • I knew u would love it tbh..
    • Riddle's gonna have to do that to poor spider paw though. She's like gonna try to go pyscho on him and newtpaw and he'll be like gtfo.
    • spiderpaw?? :o what she doing,,, oml

      riddle: by the powers of the patrol, i hereby banish you,,,, u THOT
    • Spider likes Riddle, and thinks that Him and Newtpaw are a couple, so i have a feeling that shes gonna start flirting with him, or just being nosey.

  • T h a t f u c k i n g w e b c o m i c i s s o g o o d w t f i w a n t i t t o b e t h u r s d a y r i g h t n o w ! ! !
    • I know right? Damn, you read it all? I'm SHOOK
    • Yeah i read it all in 1.5 hours. And now im pissed. ;-;
    • Damn, dusk,,, didn't take time to savor it lmao.

      I remember like waiting months for an update it was hell
    • Mm.. i have no taste buds. Anyways. I wish there was like more rps for it.
    • An ava's demon rp would be hella tbh.
  • Is that Guardians of Ga'Hoole in your sig?
    • Yes it is! .... Are you another fan? B)
    • Guilty. c; It's one of my favorite movies!
    • Oh boy. Mine too! <3 I'm glad you loved it. Have you read the books? They're amazing, though I can barely remember any of them lmao
    • I've only read the first one,, our library doesn't have the others. Even though I've asked them enough times,,oh well. Have you read the wolf series that's sort of a parallel thing? It's in the same world as the owls.
    • Yeah, wolves of beyond. In all honesty though, I only read one back in 2016. The only one of the series that I've picked up. I wasn't too interested in it I guess haha