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  • Is this shortshit littlestar
    • You rang ;))
    • the original shortshit
      oh boy
    • huehuehue
      she is short as shit & shessa shit so it's a double whammy really
      also did you play Dawnguard? Because I played Cain and Apollo, not sure if you'd remember me :))
    • 'Tis me ya
      I remember covenant littlestar so wasn't sure if same one
    • Oh my lmfao she was never in the Covenant, must've been a different one :00
  • Bro
    • Bro?
    • BRo I'm back from vacation I made the Rick and Cos thread
    • Shit I need to post with R.G don't I? Anyhoo, will check it asap (a.k.a when muussee is back for him which should be tmrrw when I'm not busy asf) <33 Thank you!