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    HI <3
  • <3
  • Greetings! The profile picture you made for Kayn is really cool!
  • *curls up with smol, tiny koma on ur profile* :^)
    • *pets smol koma and blue*
      what a nice evening :^))
  • slides in bc I'm a master-class stalker and saw you were back
    needless to say
    missed you
    • awe, i missed you too pyre!!
      i missed my friendo c:
    • <3
      where are you rping now?
    • i'm getting a character back into the cartel. i still have yuuma (idk where i'm going to put him now though) and i have shouyou rejoining shadowclan in a bit.
    • cough you should throw Yuuma in the Skulls
    • you got it fam
      /tosses yuuma
  • /hugs back
  • *hugs*