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  • Hey are we still RPing our two threads?
    • Sorry dude, my phone has been stupid lately and I know I typed out my reply and tried sending it but it'll die randomly at 60% and etc so it then resets my phone and idk who I have and haven't replied to
    • I will go find out threads. Sorry about that
    • It’s all good I just didn’t want to like spam you with bumps if you were busy or anything
    • No your good, I'll reply in just a sec.
  • Hello, Little_Red!
    It’s been a while! Do you want me to bump our thread?
    • Yes please, sorry for the disappearance. There was just a lot happening with my family and etc
    • I understand!
    • Hey, did you forget about our roleplay?
    • Hello again!
      I’m sorry for taking a long hiatus.
      Should I bump our thread?
    • Your good dude! Sure but im going to be honest i dont remember much about our thread
  • hey did you forget about our rp? :(
    • I thought I replied? Did I not?? I’m so sorry, can you bump the thread
  • Hey wanna rp dude?