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  • Hi,
    So I was thinking Clementine could help your character turn to this dark side?
    • Yeah! I replied to the thread- we can plot there!
    • Okay cool, I was thinking that Clem could see a lot of herself in him. So she's iffy about taking Destrian in.

      Also ever read any of S.E. Hinton's books?
    • Cool! I don’t need anyone to take him in though, just kind of be mean to him to make him mean :)

      I have not, no.
    • Clem can do that, but she'll feel guilty about it.

    • I actually have someone else doing it now, but thank you for offering! Maybe they can just be friends or something?
  • When I dream, on my own
    I'm alone but I ain't lonely
    For a dreamer, night's the only time of day
    When the city's finally sleepin'
    And my thoughts begin to stray
    I start looking to the stars to find my way
    Then I'm free, like the wind
    Like I'm gonna live forever
    It's a feeling time can never take away...