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  • This just in: Merc is a f ucking dweeb
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    • What? I'm f uck ing listeninnnnng
    • PERISH
    • N00000 !!!! I WILL TAKE UR D0RK BEHIND D OWN
    • i'm here cause i'm nosy waddup
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    • ? ? ? can i help u
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      uuu hhh can i get one boneless banana???
      please it's dire
    • the 🅱️ananas are MINE
    • But I need them or I'll DIE
  • now you're truly a heather
  • Do you currently play Rosalie that is a crux to The Sanctum?
    • i do, though i asked to have her listed as a blueblood since ive been p busy lately and therefore unable to consistently rp with her atm
    • Ok, I was just curious since I play a sibling/relation of hers in the Sanctum group.
    • ah thats awesome!! im on a trip rn but once i get back (tonight) we should totally have a thread! :^)
    • Alright! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  • Would it be okay for Cass to get a dual alliance?
  • Hello! I was wondering if you were still interested in the Aleks x Cassidy litter, as the last day is today.
    • oh crap, i forgot about it!! im sorry! i'm gonna be playing tennis in a little bit but i'll finish my form when i get the chance!! i should be home at around 6:30, and after i eat dinner i'll work on it! :^)
    • it's fine! haha. i'm excited to see how it turns out!!