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  • wowww it’s been literally ages??? hiii buddy! how ya been, Maleth?
    • Hi stormy! It has been, hasn’t it?? I kind of just vanished XP But I’ve been doing good! Just practicing my drawings
  • Long time no see. Anyways, I just came to say, I really like your dragons drawings. Maybe you could make them into a story or a thread. You seem to have some intense lore for them. It seems interesting.
  • h0i
  • What other superhero things do you do?
    • None others, really? The DC Universe is the only one I really have muse for XD
  • I'm screaming. I'm making an Oriental character and an Eastern dragon for Altair, the dragon thread, and I found this i.pinimg.com/736x/38/9c/7b/389…lady-dragon-with-girl.jpg

    I wasn't going to make a baby dragon, but oh my god- LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS
    • OMG IT'S ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I KNOWWWW!

      I seriously might make it a baby, or at least an adolescent. I'm aware Eastern dragons aren't supposed to have wings, but people often depict them with them, so I might just make them useless for the most part. In a sea of adult dragons, it'll be adorable omg
  • Hey friend!

    I'm thinking about making an Austroraptor character. I've realized they're my favorite type of raptor and I was wondering if, once I finish designing them, could I get a commission of them? I noticed you do raptor commissions, but would Austroraptor, specifically, be something you'd like to do? I know there's a few differences- particularly in the face- which is why I'm asking.
    • I could do that! The only difficult thing would probably be the feathers, but I've managed before, so yes, I could definitely do an Austroraptor commission ^^
    • Okay, awesome! I'll be sending a commission your way soon, once I figure out what I wanna do with my Austro!
    • Sounds like a plan!
  • Hey friend! Was curious. I'm thinking of making a dragon rider thread (and possibly just a Rider thread in general with all sorts of rideable critters). Would you be interested if I do make it?
    • I would LOVE to do a dragon rider thread! (I'm also waiting for you to reply on our other thread as well XD)
    • Awesome! I'm currently trying to figure out the setting and plotline, so if you have any ideas, let me know! (Oops! I'll reply asap omf. I've been busy with work and totally forgot sCREECHES)
  • so. firedrake's are cool.