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It's that time of month again, check out the gatherings! Leader, Medic, and Official!
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The winners of the September Spotlight Contest are as follows: Art: Tikki! And writing: Spoopius! Congratulations!
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Looking for a fast-paced frontboard neutral clan with a friendly and inclusive OOC community and a diverse IC community? Give BlizzardClan a try!
Want to delve deep into a book of spells? Maybe have your character learn more about their powers through an exchange student program? Then come one, come all! The medium-paced neutral clan of Stormclan welcomes you.
  • I'm kinda old school on here, the updates have me so confused I'm barely able to find my way around lol.
  • Would you want to rp together?
    • Sure! Perhaps we could talk more in IMS?
  • Hi