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  • What rp am I in Of yours?
  • What do you think about Angel being Athena’s daughter? Jagger and her could be like partners?
  • Would it be alright if Deacon starts to like Speckles?
    • that's fine...maybe he could help her become a cofident mare.
    • Yeah totally! Since he’s biologically Merrys child it would be a bit funny. (Also since he’s so young)
    • Alrighty then. :)
  • Hey! Just letting you know I created a horse thread that I got a little formation idea from you. Not the plot, but just some rules and how the page is laid out. Just wanted to let you know, and if you don’t like that feel free to tell me to delete it and I will do so!
    • thanks for asking but since I don't have a copy right on those rules feel free to use them.
    • Ok thank you, they aren’t exact but they’re a bit similar
    • can I join your rp? I can't get on much but I try
    • Of course! I love to see that at least someone is interested. Would I be allowed to advertise on your thread? I know that's a stretch but I feel no matter how hard we try it's slowly dying.
    • you should put it in your siggy. You know where people have pictures and such? Then whenever you post something it will be seen.
  • Is your horse roleplay 'The World Is Changing Around Us' still accepting?
  • I am making a new roleplay about humans thought you might be interested check it out…t-like-it-sign-up-thread/
    • I'll take a look at it. Don't normally do human rps though.