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  • Excuse me?
  • Did you get the dm?
  • Hi, what roleplays do you Do? :"3
    • GxB
      Ill try and so anything, i can do a few animals.
      Humans too obviously.
      I'm, any thing really, you name and i can try my best. I can't remember a lot but, if you name something i could probably get it cx
    • Oh okay, would you care to do a big I usually tend to play female xD So do you have any plots at the moment or would you like to discuss one?
    • I don't mind playing male at all cx
      And im sorry, no i don't have any plots at the moment but i wouldn't mind discussing one at all C:
    • Okay thanks c": Shall I send the dm or will you
    • You can go ahead and send if you don't mind, im getting ready for work at the moment x3
  • hi! would you be down to rp in another thread with me along with our current one? i was thinking of something like a romance between a villain and a hero in training but the her doesn’t know about the girl being a villain in training? let me know what you think! i enjoy rping with you. c:
    • Oh of course! I love role-playing with you as well and i would love to have another thread with you. I like the plot, im getting ready for work so i might not be very active tonight but ill try my best. Post and tag me whenever you'd like and ill reply and help plot whenever i can. c:
    • sounds great! ill make the thread! c:
  • yo im bored wanna rp?
  • hello. wanna rp?
  • Wanna rp dude?
    • Sure, you gotta plot cuz im brain dead.
    • Thinking of doing a bad, sad and drug filled romance. You in?
    • Yea, i might not start till tomorrow though because its late here and I gotta wake uo early tomorrow. But we can go ahead and form a base around it.
    • Sure. It's 6am here and I'm about to go to bed anyway :)
    • Ok, well we can start whenever you'd like. Im fine with whatever.