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  • from how long any last activity was, i wouldnt know of youd find this but: hey dude!
    • I did, thank my nostalgia. xD
      Kudos. ^^
  • Ollo :3
  • Balkans represent
  • Back
    • Took you long enough. Thanks. qq
  • Alright, just one thing to all my fellow roleplayers that I do have a thread with. 1 of them is hidden, and I can't tell which because I cannot see it. If you need to bump me, please MESSAGE me the bump in a conversation. Thanks. <3
  • i will drop kick u
  • Hey, I know I haven't replied to our threads on CC in a very long time. I'm so sorry. I should've said something but my personal life has been getting in the way as of late, draining my muse for all threads on CC, not just yours. I should've said something sooner but I didn't know how to.
    • It is alright, don't worry. Happy new year, if anything is to be said regarding that. I hope it all clears up soon.
    • I hope so but it's unclear at the moment. I have a family member in the hospital getting ready to go under a knife for an experimental surgery and we don't know if she'll make it through okay.
    • I'm hoping for the best, always think positively. My parents got through four in a row fine, I bet your family member will too.
    • I am trying but it's tough. She's in her seventies with a history of health problems. In fact we almost lost her before Christmas because her second husband didn't call for help until several hours after he found her stuck on the floor.
    • I wish she makes it out alive, as much or least possible it is still. Let me know of the result, please. I'd be more than glad to hear it went well.