Fourthwall Fallout Wears a black anklet with the words 'S7 - PRIDE LEADER - ALPHA' engraved on it

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  • Hey! Would you be interested in doing a private rp with me?
  • About the training idea ill have my Scorpio join she would benefit from it and maybe end up in the bhr
  • hi! im really interested in your hellhound rejoining thread, but i'm not exactly sure what one is or how to play one properly ;u;

    could you explain? c:
    • No Problem! A hellhound is a demonic canine that is usually influenced by darkness in some way to cause chaos on earth. In Fourthwalls case his family was cast out of hell generations ago and Exiled to the mortal world, cursed to never have powers and to live as normal animals.

      Fourth found a loophole though, and can access powers by striking deals with demons. As for the hounds themselves they generally appear as massive canines, though some can have more feline like traits due to the jaguar genes Fourth is hybridized with.

      If your specifically interested in the Horoscope pups then its the same deal, the only difference is that your character is influenced by the personality traits of the zodiac they align with- so Aries would be a fire elemental and would have a personality similar to those in the spoiler beneath the word Aries. As for the submission/domination thing, that just means that they'd have very pack like instincts, and would be compelled to obey their dominant alpha- it doesn't mean they have to be submissive in nature to everyone, only that they instinctively submit to their alpha, which is Fourth wall.

      You can apply for a pup by leaving a bio for whatever pup you want, then once their accepted you just start rping them in the Blackheart Roges board.