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  • Im so sorry I got you banned. I thought you or the friend was that troll the dash were on about earlier. Its was 4am when I read all that and my brain didn't work!
  • Can you tell me what track means?
    • If someone posts "track" or "track" on something, it's so they can get notified when new posts come along. If it's a sign-up rp thread, it usually means they're interested and will post their form soon
  • I like your profile pic! It's from 'The Book of Mormon', right?
    • Yes, it is! It's Andrew Rannells as Elder Price
    • I have yet to listen to the playlist, but I've heard a lot of good things about it!
    • I've seen the bootleg countless of times. I adore the musical so much
    • I literally haven't seen one broadway musical in my life, but I'm hoping I at least get to see 'Dear Evan Hansen' in my life time.
    • Well, good luck! Tickets are expensive and it's fairly new. I about cried seeing Ben Platt's final curtain call