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  • Hellllllooooo
  • hello
  • Hi
  • Hey, I maybe thought of something. Do you like werewolves?
    • I don't mind rping wolves. Sure.
    • I could bring back my old thread called Hough Academy which involved vampires and werewolves?
    • Well, I was thinking it could just be like a private thread. Something where maybe my character is a werewolf and yours is human. Human likes werewolf, but doesn't know what he is until he's forced to change in front of her to save her from something or someone.
    • Hmm I really would like to do that because I haven't done it for a while. Been thinking if I should create a new character out of existence or turn of my cat Charries in a human. XD.
    • Ok, well I'll make the thread and send you the link
  • Hey there, we haven't rped anything together in a long time!
  • Hello fellow Scarletclanner.
    • Hello Pyro. What sup?
    • Chaos from changing sites (to make things worse, I was inactive when this happened).
      Is Scarletclan still going on?
    • If you read the recent posts I made on SC. I transfered it to a site called Muse Bunny with its functions like the Old FF.
    • Ok thanks
      Do you mind if I drop out of the clan? I'd rather stay on FF...(sorry)
    • Alright who are your characters again? Also would you mind if I put them up for Adoption?
  • Hello there, friend!
    • Do I know you from somewhere? o.O
    • Nope, I'm just stalking you. ;)
    • So your nickname should be Scarletstalker instead of Scarletfox?
    • Ooooo that's actually pretty cool!
    • Very easy to figure out through her names and that specific word you used. Combine them together and woalla!! Perfect warrior cat name.
  • Hey there, just trying to track down some friends.