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  • Hey, I noticed you like that sweet, sweet DBH universe. (and that you like more advanced
    I've got a kinda idea brewin' in my head for a plotline within the universe - I was wondering if you were possibly interested?
    • Oooh, I am most certainly interested! Hit me with it ^^
  • I love Connor too much.
    Do you wanna do a private rp? In the DBH universe?
    • He's a bean haha.
      I would love to! ^^ Did you have any particular ideas?
    • Well I was thinking instead of Leo, I actually play a daughter version Layla. So Its like gender flipped. And its more of a romance in this new Detroit where its mostly androids and humans that support androids. She tries to take up art and such but gets involved with a bad crowd and starts taking red ice. Connor is one of the cops that has to deal with it and finds her badly beaten. Taking her back to papa Hanks house he looks after her. From there, they learn to trust each other and Connor falls in love and more drama unravels.
    • Sounds interesting! ^^
    • Mind making the thread and I can put up the more detailed plot
    • Yup, I'll get to it in a bit ^^
    • That was perfection. Thank you for sharing that with me XD
    • If you ever wanna talk about YOI stuff, hmu, i'm absolute fandom trash xD