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  • Send noods? I just sent one. *wink* Get it? Noods? Noodle?
    • yes
      please send me noodles
      there's no other kind of noods
    • Whoa whoa whoa, you are forgetting one kind of Noodle. *points to avatar*
  • X e f r o s
  • that guy in your avatar! that dude from Foster Home For Imaginary Friends, right?
    • yep, it's wilt! and then eduardo below him :>
    • I used to watch that show all the time ;u; Are those guys your favorite characters?
    • me too! yea, they are. it's still on hulu if you have hulu! who're your favorites?
    • wilt, eduardo, and that girl that took care of them all. Red hair. Um.. Jane?
  • shhh.