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  • Demon romance gxb plot?
  • Hey! I stumbled across your profile and I was wondering if
    you know slipknot by any chance? Or 5fdp?
    • Heard more Slipknot then 5FDP, but I haven't listened to any full albums of theirs yet.
    • Oh okie~ If you ever wanna rp hmu then
    • Well im kinda sparce with rps at the moment
  • hey wanna rp?
  • Hollywood Undead?
    • ?
    • Sorry :3 I though you might know them
    • nope. I might have heard the name thrown around once or twice. Any songs you can direct me to?
    • I love their songs Apologize, One More Bottle and Pour Me
    • Ok. If I find time I will check them out. Thanks.
  • Hey. I just had to compliment your profile pic, I love Metallica.
    • Thats cool. I just saw them last month. It was a good show.
      I personally like haveing a PFP that you can start more of a conversation about then 'That looks awsome/cute/beautiful/*insert generic positive adjective here'
    • Oh that's awesome. Gods you're so lucky!

      I mostly base my profile off my favorite characters to to as Lol.
  • So how do you remember your username when you type it in?
    I'd forget those numbers in a heartbeat,,
    • 1.I set it so im always logged in
      2. its just memory at this point lol
    • yes rebs, 909090 is very hard to remember
    • dude I can barely remember my birthday sometimes c":
  • Are you still interested in the persona rp?
  • Is that Nothing Else Matters by Metallica in your sig?