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  • its raz i have returned and also, this is aya's daughter with an unknown father (the father is actually an npc but i like the sense of mystery) and her & deathstroke should have plots! lonekit joined the exiles because she knows 0 about her mother and knows only her name and that she lived there,,, so she'll be wanting to learn as much as she can about aya through the people she meets
    • Welcome back :) I'm happy for them to interact at some point, currently Deathstroke is moving into his own territory (the board is currently RiddleClan, just waiting for the name change) so I'm not sure when he would pass by the Exiles. Unless she stumbles across him or something.
    • well, mels has been casually interrogating people for info so she could turn up at deathstroke's territory and start asking him all these personal questions (like children do) if you're down? :3c
    • Sounds like a plan to me :)
    • want me to make a public thread, or private?
    • I'm happy with either, but private might be easier.
  • The drama already between these two is so much Beast. Lol
  • Yo beast! Do you want a Reath thread? I feel like this two have alot to catch up on cx one of the things is that he just happend to become ululare slave lol xD