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  • hi feli :( sooo idk if ur still active here, im not, but i really miss u and i also miss skydreamer and wildlife and everything.
    • i'm still a bit active here yeah, i miss u too. hey, if you're at another site, or u have a discord, tell me so we can keep in touch! <3
    • im horribly active on xanje, thats all im on anymore. if you went on there to keep in touch thatd be mighty swell :') anything to keep our buddyship
    • mmm i haven't been there in forever heheh. i'll definitely try to go set up an account there, yes <33
    • yayy!! tell me when you do! im excited. a lot has changed
  • Hey Feli. Afraid I had to replace my old phone and LOST Kaiser's shepherd form ??

    I kind of want his new character to have the ability to shift between the two, so if you could link me to them both again pretty please??