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  • Hey there! So personal opinion should I tone down Anti's dickness or leave it as is?
    • ah it's fine! don't worry about ic opinions tbh luca's pretty bad sometimes as well <3
    • Eventually I plan on Anti finding someone who he's not a complete dick towards and I think I accidentally made that Luca XD because I had anti like kinda vaugely caring about them after the crash.
    • haha that's fine, would you like them to have a thread?
    • Sure :D I go to work in a couple hours but I'll be active till then
    • okay! i have to go to sleep soon anyway since it's getting late here in australia. i'll tag you in it when i make it c;
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a spectacular human being! have a nice day!
    • oh yikes thanks!! you too <3