reamy giving up .

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  • Hey I sent you a pm :3
  • Hey, I finally made our thread!
  • Hey I was wondering if you were a girl I use to role play with. We did a role play about an insane asylum. It was a long time ago around the time I first joined this site back in like 2011 or 2012. Was that you?
    • it's kinda hard to tell, i've done quite a few of those lol. did you have a different name back then?
    • I could have gone by Lullalove, featherwind silverwind
    • i don't think it's me dear. ^^" none of those names sound familiar, i'm sorry. though if you do ever want or need someone to rp with, don't be afraid to message me or something. i'm always up for a new thread. c':
    • Dang thanks anyways. I've been trying to find this girl since the thread ended oh well. Thank you!
  • wow, so many posts ;0
    • lol yeahh, it's called being like 13 and not having a life.
    • eh. don't worry. i know some people older than 20 on here and still roleplay.
    • @reamy I'm like 19 and I have twice as many posts as you.
    • But that's probably because I've been on here since like February of 2011 and spend a lot of free time on here.
    • lol, i'm nineteen as well. i first joined on August 2011 but there was a time i dropped the site for like two years, so that's probably part of why my posts aren't nearly as high as yours.