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  • Lyra you said you wanted to maybe plot with Connor? Even though he's barely finish, what did you want to plot about?
    • I wanna give her a love intrest who is ready for the chase xD she is going to be a bit guarded if that's okay
    • Oh, well Connor is the type that only gets interested in dating if the person, girl or guy, is someone he's really interested in XD he's a bit of a flinger
    • That's rine! I can make her a bit of a flirt then :)
    • OK! I'm gonna try and add more to him and whatnot.
    • I added a bit more to her as well but Im headed to bed now, I'll hopefully finish her tomorrow :)
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a beautiful human being! have a nice day!
  • *Slowly appears from trashcan.* Hey, Lyra. How're you holding up?
    • Good I guess. I'm so sorry I haven't replied to those, and as you've seen I haven't replied to any other threads besides sign ups and chat/plot and that's because all of my muse for previously made characters has seemed to died and it's killing me
    • Same. Tobi is my friend as of now. His whole thing is trashcan and garbage heaps, as well as hiding in them and finding random things. But that's not Canon of course.
    • Lol XD
    • ...
    • Wanna do a private room sometime? My muse is low. *Battery Depletion sfx*
  • here's my rp example for my character Malia.

    Malia watched as her aunt calla on her mother's side who became alpha after her parents death till she was
    ready to rule her pack. calla talked with the alphas from the druid pack about creating a new pack to take over some new territory, to steal the best hunting and den sight from a vampire nest by sending forward their best wolves from each pack. Malia quickly got tried of listening to the alphas arguing with each other. Malia scanning the crowd of druid wolves comparing their wolves with her pack's spotting a pretty young teen with silver blonde hair "wow I never seen that hair color before she thought making her way from the girl's hair to her eyes "she pretty i wonder if she single" the young teen thought before shaking off that Idea "your a nightshade she a druid it would not work" she thought before glancing at her wolves who were growling at the other pack. Malia growled out a loud BEHAVE! to her wolves watching as they stopped quickly smiling at calla with pride "they listened!" she thought happy her pack final saw her as an future alpha
  • *flips through my ship book*
    UHHH.... UMMM...