Sky;; gone.

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  • psst
  • Hey I'm an old timer to the site, I left a few months ago and now everything is so messed up, I can't post or message or do ANYTHING on this site, I recognize nothing about Feralfront anymore except the name.
  • *kicks sky's wall*
    *runs away*
    • *gasps*
      not my comment wall D:
      you are living up to your name, kicksie xD
    • I try really hard XD
      I kicked the walls of beatles and quill as well
      who should my next victim be?
  • wow hello dear im alive
    • Hey Mercy!! <33 How are you? c:
    • tireddddddd and recently destressed thanks to 3 of my classes being effectively finished with this year (: how have you been m'dear
    • Ahh that's good, that three of your classes are finished! And I've been okay, I have finals this Friday so I probably should start studying soon. xD
    • oh yikes you should definitely start studying, are they all friday?
    • Ahh no, luckily only two are on Friday! English and Math. c: I have my other finals on Monday and Tuesday.
  • who is this guy and why does he have Jaffar's staff
    (hi btw)
    • That is Nick Pitera and he's holding Jafar's staff because he did a one-man Aladdin melody! (and hello! n_n)
    • oh damn that's good
      (I think I came to say something else but I forgot rip)
    • Yeah!! :0 He's very talented, he sings even better than me with his girl voice. xD
      (lol that's okay xD Happens to me all the time)
    • mad talent yes
      (I'll try and remember. idk it was probably about musicals or smth)
    • Yeah! Like I don't know how he's able to do both female and male singing voices xD
      (Okay! If you remember, make sure to tell me! :0 Lol probably xD)
  • gasp
    congrats on becoming community helper !!
  • pupper <3
    • yeah!! <3 I love Westies omg ;o;
    • me too!! also cocker spaniels and dobermans. ^.^
  • u are blessed with a bree comment :P
    • Ahhh hello!! n_n
    • oh its dream/amberstar lol but how are you liking the update?
    • Ahh hello!! Sorry I didn't recognize your username for a moment! ^^; And I am liking it so far, a bit confused on a few things but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out. xD
    • totally fine! i could kinda tell lol i've changed my name so much haha did you see the "this is it" thread? omg itwas awful...