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  • lick
  • Acey! You wanna do a horror/romance roleplay with me?
  • Ace! How many times have I told you.. Not to call me by that atrocious nickname? -.- Lmao that's so embarrassing...
    • Im sorry Hannah-Bear, have i offended you?
    • O.o No... Um... Hey! Why are you looking at my profile! XD
    • I was just lurking. Why are you looking at mine?
    • Lmao cause I HAVE to in order to reply :3
    • I missed you tho ^^
  • I am going to try to be more active on this site! I really miss roleplaying. PM me if you are interested in making an rp with me.
  • herro.
    • ohai i didnt even see this
  • wiiife
    • uhhhgtghh yes bby how can I help you
      did u get ur phone taken up
      do u have school tmrw
      do u want ur shoes back tmrw