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Traditional Darkclan is an active medium to fast paced loyal clan with tons of interesting characters and a friendly out of character community - come see for yourself!
Is your character lusting for power, or seeking revenge against an old enemy? The District is a medium-paced group working to become the strongest clan in the land while strengthening bonds and supporting allies. Come see for yourself as they fight not to lose themselves to evil and cruelty!
  • lick
  • Acey! You wanna do a horror/romance roleplay with me?
  • Ace! How many times have I told you.. Not to call me by that atrocious nickname? -.- Lmao that's so embarrassing...
    • Im sorry Hannah-Bear, have i offended you?
    • O.o No... Um... Hey! Why are you looking at my profile! XD
    • I was just lurking. Why are you looking at mine?
    • Lmao cause I HAVE to in order to reply :3
    • I missed you tho ^^
  • I am going to try to be more active on this site! I really miss roleplaying. PM me if you are interested in making an rp with me.
  • herro.
    • ohai i didnt even see this
  • wiiife
    • uhhhgtghh yes bby how can I help you
      did u get ur phone taken up
      do u have school tmrw
      do u want ur shoes back tmrw