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The winner of the latest giveaway is: Chara (Undertale)!! Congratulations!

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  • ayy possibly a plot idea between caledon n blahkenmuro??? feel like they'd get along and maybe caledon could become kind of ken's preferable father figure?
    i just feel like theyd be greta if they wree close n their presonalities match asf i feel like, maybe caledon could get ken out of his shell w him
    • sounds good to me! Cal is good as a father figure and will defo dig into Ken's shell no problemo!
    • would u like a thread or smth ?? : 3333
  • Lol cal, mal may need help over in ThunderClan..
  • Hey flaxxy when can we pull that prank on WC?
    • I'll have to ask jasperstar first :) I'm sure they'll say yes so, tonight.
    • Ooh I hope so! I’m so bored
  • Cal, if it’s not too late could you throw some leaves around her and a scar on her shoulder, and her chest and flanks?
    • not too late at all, I just got home from work! will do.