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  • hey stine! I have brought ashenskies back with a new name + posted a thread of him looking for his parents in darkclan <3 hope that’s good with you
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  • Hey love! This is Zhar! Ashen didn’t work out so maybe we could figure something out for this boy?
    • Sounds good to me, no problem! What relation would help you with muse? :)
    • Really anything would be fine! He still looks like how Ashen did though. He’s 5 moons old
  • 👻 rawr
  • a wild snappy appears
    i love u stinky >:)
    • Damn whippersnappin' roach *swats* git on git!
      Love you more :P
  • Jb was here wink wonk
  • >:) cals wife was here
  • hi i really like caledon i just wanted to say he's cool af
    • THANK YOU SO MUCH! it means the world to me :D // interaction thread? if you want :)
    • hECK YES
      i imagine dusk would be confused by cale since she really doesn't know too much about bc ngl
    • Ill make it when I get home! :) maybe cal is finding shiny rocks on the river for his obsession with shiny things
    • okok !! dusk can kinda confront him !
  • Hey stine are there any slots for any of Cal’s litter that need to be rehomed?
    • Always, you can just post a bio and link me to it and I'll add wasp he/she will have to be between 6 - 13 moons :)
      I have a plot litter in the works literally tonight where they can start as kits but have npc x npc parents because wasp isn't having anymore kits.
  • Wait cal how old is he?
    • 38 moons :)
    • Do you think it would be okay for Caledon to be Okami's long lost father or something?

      bc okami really is lonely and i want her to have a family
  • Caledon’s pretty/handsome. Don’t you dare kill him !
  • this wall is my wall
    cal is my husband and i will love him forever
    • Wasp is my WIFE and will always be MAH WIFE.
  • Am sorry cal. It’s just his nature. Plz don’t hate me. <3
    • lol , are u jagged?
    • Ummm maybe? Did I mention he’s *sort of* Lucifer incarnate?
  • quietly stalks this profile
  • ayy possibly a plot idea between caledon n blahkenmuro??? feel like they'd get along and maybe caledon could become kind of ken's preferable father figure?
    i just feel like theyd be greta if they wree close n their presonalities match asf i feel like, maybe caledon could get ken out of his shell w him
    • sounds good to me! Cal is good as a father figure and will defo dig into Ken's shell no problemo!
    • would u like a thread or smth ?? : 3333
  • Lol cal, mal may need help over in ThunderClan..
  • Hey flaxxy when can we pull that prank on WC?
    • I'll have to ask jasperstar first :) I'm sure they'll say yes so, tonight.
    • Ooh I hope so! I’m so bored
  • Cal, if it’s not too late could you throw some leaves around her and a scar on her shoulder, and her chest and flanks?
    • not too late at all, I just got home from work! will do.