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  • PEOPLE. Appreciate this beautiful human and their rp skills <33 (And their friendliness!!)
  • just your name and what your wall reads makes me want to rp with you lmao
  • Which do you think he played better as? Barty Crouch Junior or the 10th Doctor? :3
  • My favorite Doctor! Was so upset when he left..
  • ten is best doctor
  • Um. Hi. I saw your account name on the main page, thought "HECK YEAH" and came here. Because Doctor Who.
    And the only two dw books I've read have both been with Ten.
    • hi! don't worry i love meeting people who like doctor who as well cx i have always really enjoyed ten.
  • AH! Another Ten fan!
    • I've always really enjoyed how Tennant portrayed him!!
    • Personally, I've always had a thing for nine, but Ten... He's one of the best. :3
    • I like nine too. c:
    • Although, in the Doctor Who books, there aren't many of Ten... Mostly Eleven. I'd LOVE to see a Ten book.
    • all the ones that I have and have found have been of eleven. I agree with you on that!!
  • david tennant best doctor. just sayin' ;)