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  • hey. Do you want to do an mlp 1x1 rp? ive been looking around for people who would want to
  • nice mlp oc
  • I'm still up for an SU thread if you want
    • ok :) we could discuss it in the convesations, on how the roleplay could be and other stuff
    • Sure just hit me up whenever... I'll get back to you as soon as I can
  • Hey, did you give up on MurkyClan?
    • Yeah... I guess I did, my characters both on Murkyclan and Rockclan, can just be given to someone else, if I end up rejoining the clans, then I'll just make some new characters
    • Okay, sad to know you left. But we put that your cats were presumed dead in the rp.

      But I will be more than happy to take you back haha
    • Okay ^^
  • Hey, did you lose the link to MurkyClan? We kinda need ya. Squirrelkit is now Squirrelpaw
    • oh I didn't see that, I'll go there now
  • Could Roho, my melanistic leopard be brother to your Aasim?
  • Hi just wanted to let you know that you can roleplay Frostheart now. But I'm not sure if the idea with the loner is accepted or not.
    • Okay, and I will wait til that part is accepted or not
    • Ok you may want to pm Sin in case she didn't see it.
    • Yes please
    • Ok you want me to pm her?
    • Yes please, Ive just gotten home from work, and just need to relax, before making dinner