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  • Hey, you’re still around! What have you been up to?
    • I am, kinda... though I mostly just float here like a ghost, checking out of habit :'I
      Just finished my final exam today. Now I've only got a piece of coursework to finish and I'll be done for the summer c': What about you?
    • Not much, been pretty bored. But yeah, finals are scaring the hell out of me. My sociology class is fine, but math is really not my strong suit. Numbers don’t make sense to me like concepts do.
    • Is ANYONE not scared by maths at least a little? Man, I wish you luck D: Maths has never been one of my strong points either, yet for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to make myself a living out of science :'I Seems I underestimated biology's ability to throw life-threatening equations at my face.
    • Oof. Anyway, want to do a private thread?
    • Gimme a week. I've got a final piece of coursework to do that's demanding a whole load more of my time than I'd expected, and the deadline's getting close ;_;
      What kind of rp were you thinking about?
  • Bump? And did you get my message?
    • Ah sorry, I really should put a hiatus warning in my signature or something. I'm lacking the motivation to do much of anything right now except art, so I'm sorry for my delayed response. I can only hope that I get some energy back soon, because I've got a few roleplays waiting on a response. Sorry for not letting you know, sometimes it only lasts a few days but at other times it's a lot longer.
    • Oh, that's cool! Did you get said message, anyway? And just hit me when you're ready. SUPER excited.
  • Hey, it’s been a while. How you doing?
    • Hey! I'm good, thanks, just finished my second year at uni a couple of weeks ago so I can finally relax! How about you?
    • Going to college soon, so looking forward to that!
    • Oh cool! What are you going to study?
    • Wildlife management! I’m planning to get into conservation as a career.
    • Aw man that's awesome! I'm doing animal biology! It goes into conservation too!
  • Do you mind if I (ForeverYoung's alternate account) use your Myths plot to create an American Gods-based PAFP?
    • You mean the 'myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths' one?
      Sure, go ahead! ^^ Thanks for asking beforehand!
      (btw, I'll have finished all my exams in two weeks, so if you're still interested in an American Gods RP after that then I'm still up for it c:)
    • Okay!
  • Howdy!
    • Heeey! What's up? c;
    • Nothin' much. Still eager for the idea of a mythology plot with some inspiration from "American Gods."

      Sorry if I keep bothering you.
    • Cool cool!
      Nono, you're not bothering me at all! I'm actually still really interested in this, so please don't be afraid to keep reminding me ^^ Unfortunately now's still not the best time for me to do this, since I'm trying to catch up with some of my old RPs and exams are coming up really soon. I'll tell you what, though- I should be much more available starting May? Maybe we could get back in touch then, and we can try doing something with this? c:
    • Heck yeah! Though can I ask your advice on how to properly work with/use my planned "ghostly Daughter Of Freya" character?

      And I may seek out other RPers interested in mythology in the meantime.
    • Sure! Anything specific? I'm not sure I'll be able to help, but I can definitely try.
      Go ahead! I ain't stopping you XD
  • *Is very priveledged to be one of the only two people you've followed XD LOve you too m8 XDXD*
    • I try not to choose favourites c;
      Haha, no, I think I stopped following people because I was just too lazy lmao But yes, my son, 'tis indeed a mighty honour. Now show your gratitude by baking me cookies, pronto! *claps hands* Chop chop! Snap to it! I want to smell those delicious cookies cooking c:<
    • Cookies shall be prepared!
  • Just hit me up when you wanna do another mythology plot.
    • Will do! c: I'm a bit busy rn but I'll be sure to let you know
    • I'd like something loosely inspired by American Gods.
    • Aaahhhh I love that book/tv series so muuuchhh!
      I would definitely be interested! But, yeah, as I said I have a lot going on right now and I feel like I wouldn't be able to give the RP all the attention it deserves :c I'll definitely send you a note if I get less busy, though!
  • //pats your face
    Ello mate. How're you doing? :3
    • *squirms away*
      Heeey c: I'm getting bombarded with uni work, RPs I need to reply to, and I'm drawing to procrastinate doing any of that XD
      And how is you this fine October day? *totally not pouring with rain where I live*
    • I'm good! V good. V tired. Tis a month of testing for me. *totally not misty af out here*
  • I have an idea for a kind of high-school plot based around Greek mythology.
  • Is my writing okay? That's why I'm a little slow. I'm nervous you won't like how I write.
    • To be honest I haven't really seen much of your writing, but I want you to know that writing styles really don't bother me (as long as Grammar is mostly alright (mistakes are fine, we all make them ^^) and RP's aren't in text speak without capitalisation etc.). We all have our own writing styles, and that's what makes everyone's writing unique and interesting!
      And if it's the length of posts you're worried about, don't be. We didn't specify how advanced our RP's were going to be, so it really doesn't matter! Yeah, I know I sometimes write huge chunks of writing and I know some people find that a bit daunting, but please don't feel bad if you only write a short paragraph or less! I usually try to match the length of my posts to the other person's, but otherwise I can go on a bit and get a bit carried away (like I'm doing now, because man can I ramble when I'm on this site XD).
      Anyway, just do what you feel comfortable with and seriously, don't feel anxious about your work. I'm totally open to whatever suits you, and if I sometimes go off in long paragraphs please don't feel obliged to try and match it. I'm cool with whatever!
  • Hi
  • Can you make a comment on the pafp thread we had? My thread completely disappeared a back. I thought you maybe hadn't had time to reply.
    • Sure! I had replied to it a while back, I just thought you were too busy to reply or something? I'll send you a link if you don't have it? I definitely replied to your last post, though.
    • I got it now. It wouldnt show up in my que xP
    • Yeah, that's happened to me before, it's fine! XD
  • psst love your avatar
    • I've had it for years XD I keep meaning to change it, but I never do.
    • i know, ive been stalking you for years. wait what shh
      kidding havent been stalking you but ive seen you around a lot on the old ff. C:
      did you make the avatar?
    • So that's who I keep seeing staring through my imaginary window...
      Yeah, I've been here a while XD Man, I miss the old site though. Me and it had an emotional attachment, a powerful bond, but now it has been broken. A sad day for us all, a sad day indeed *bows head solemnly, a single tear of of rainbows making pug noises sliding down my cheek*
      Wat, OK, ignore me now
      Aaanyway, nah, I didn't. It was made for me by a user called Artie, but she hasn't been on in years.
    • when did you join the site? also i remember an Artie..faintly remember but still. i don't believe i ever spoke to her tho :0
      and yeah, i miss the old site too. but let's give this one a chance? i mean, weve got cool new features and stuff.
    • 2011, I think...
      Artie was the nickname we gave her. I think her username was Artemis, and then Persephone.
      Yeah, I'm getting used to the new site. It isn't as bad as I thought at first- I just panicked when I thought I'd lost all of my stuff :/ It's here now, though